Once upon a time there was a sad Macintosh

This Mac had been abandoned by its owners and tossed into a skip at the rear of a big and famous College in London. I was walking past, and saw the Mac struggling valiantly to keep its face above the tide of kipple and trash that filled the skip. The concrete loading bay allowed me to hop into the skip (tables, chairs, a tonne of paper) and rescue the forlorn Mac, which became a useful stool on the train ride back to my house.

Once home, the Mac was washed, dried, and put to bed with cup of sweet tea and a biscuit and taken apart.

At heart it's an 68000 clocked at 8MHz, I bought extra RAM on eBay and decided to upgrade the storage. Y'see, the SE came in two subspecies, a double-floppy version, and one with an internal hard drive and a single floppy. What I had rescued was the dual floppy version but this is a 'modifying' page isn't it?

I had a spare 500Mb SCSI drive, made a little mounting bracket from some plate aluminium, fabricated a front bezel and fitted a red rectangular LED to it. Nothing fancy, but it's pretty close to the bezel used on the single-floppy version.

The result being that it boots (System 7.5) in seconds, launches Word 5.1 in 17 seconds, and although it can't (yet) talk to the world, it's a charming reminder of a simpler era.